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  04/10/2017 | Packaging

rlc wins packaging award for innovative dispenser system

The German Packaging Institute (Deutsches Verpackungsinstitut e. V.) presented the German Packaging Award for Functionality & Convenience to the rlc Packaging Group. The company's sustainable One Up single dispenser system convinced the jury with playful surprises and innovative product presentation.

According to the jury, the packaging solution awakens consumer interest and sets an example when it comes to convenience, hygiene and sustainability. One Up offers manufacturers added potential to appeal to target groups on an emotional level.

Through a simple up and down movement of the inner carton, the product pops up one by one. Package contents are perfectly dispensed in an easy, hygienic way. This versatile packaging concept is suitable for confectionery products, including button-shaped chocolates and hard candy. Another advantage of the packaging concept: additional space for further communication and creative advertising messages appears when the inner part is raised.