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  07/12/2017 | Industry, Ingredients

New facility for Lampados’ 3D sweetener

Lampados International, Ltd. is completing a new plant expansion for the production of Liteez, a vegan, egg-free 3D meringue kiss sweetener for hot drinks. The larger facility will allow the company to meet the rapidly growing demand.

The facility will produce 8,000 retail packages per day in the first stage, and will double production within a few months. The company invested more than USD 500,000 to increase production of the sweetener, which is available as either a stevia- or sucralose-based product. The plant is BRC- and kosher-certificated to meet food manufactures’, retailers’ and consumers’ highest standards of requirement. “Production is now fully automated and modular, to allow maximum flexibility for increasing capacity as well as creating additional, customized sweeteners,” says Noam Kaplan, CEO of Lampados.

The new Lampados sweetener delivery system, designed like a meringue kiss, is egg-free and vegan, without compromising on flavour. Two Liteez contain only two calories, versus twenty calories in one teaspoon of table sugar. “Put just two meringue kisses in your coffee, stir, and drink. Or, eat them as a sweet treat,” says Kaplan.