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  05/03/2018 | Ingredients

SternMaid to organize symposium on microencapsulation

Together with the Bioactives World Forum, the contract manufacturer SternMaid will be organizing an international symposium on the subject of microencapsulation in Hamburg on 17 and 18 May 2018. Participants may expect a broad and diversified programme with specialist lectures on the technological and economic aspects of different encapsulation methods, interesting examples of applications, tasting of products, and a visit to the SternMaid facility in Wittenburg. Among others, the symposium is directed towards product developers, R&D experts, chemists, technologists and managers from the food industries, and manufacturers of food supplements.

Whether for creating bright colours in sweets and fruity flavours in chewing gum or for integrating valuable vitamins into tablets: microscopic capsules help to work sensitive ingredients into foods and food supplements. The method offers a multitude of possibilities, but it also poses certain challenges for which the symposium will show approaches to a solution.

The topics of the contributions include delayed release and stability of ingredients, enhancement of nutritional properties and the cost efficiency of the process. Among the speakers are well-known scientists and experts from industry from the USA, Switzerland and Germany. During a tour of the plant, SternMaid will also present its range of products and services and show how hydrocolloids, sugar, salts or minerals, for example, can be encapsulated and processed by means of fluidized bed technology or on the blending lines.

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