20th International Sweets Business Forum 2019

20/11/2019 - 22/11/2019

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Berlin

20th International Sweets Business Forum 2019


“The Next Sweet Level”

As usual, also with the 20th International Sweets Business Forum, SWEETS GLOBAL NETWORK traces relevant trends and issues. This year’s Business Forum is focusing on the effects of KI and IT on society and people – and on the question if we will be able to create a framework of norms and values to govern technological progress in social, political and ethical terms. Or if we can use technology to reshape the whole world into a better, more liveable place.




SWEETS GLOBAL NETWORK says thank you to all sponsors, who made it possible to lead the 20th Sweets Business Forum with more than 550 participants - including over 80 retailers - to a great success.