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  12/09/2018 | Packaging

Mondelez partners with Crown to create a special packaging solution

Mondelez has partnered with Crown Aerosols & Promotional Packaging to create a limited edition 80th anniversary tin for its iconic “Cadbury Roses” brand, a flagship product for the chocolatier. Introduced in 1938 as an entry point for Cadbury into the chocolate assortment market, the brand pays homage to the well-loved flower of the same name.

For this important milestone, Mondelez wanted to highlight the brand’s longevity and quality by creating two premium, collectable tins that would match its heritage. The retro, vintage designs feature a variety of coloured roses surrounded by ribbon-style banners against the traditional “Cadbury Roses Blue” background.

The designs will create a sense of nostalgia for consumers who associate the brand with special occasions, but will also appeal to the younger generation, where vintage is making a comeback in terms of popularity. Sustainability also played a key role in the decision to opt for metal packaging for the once-in-a-lifetime celebration tins.

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