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  17/02/2021 | Ingredients, Trends

Lindt & Sprüngli unveils new chocolate bar sweetened with dried cocoa pulp

Lindt & Sprüngli, in cooperation with the Swiss-Ghanaian start-up Koa, has revealed a chocolate bar that is sweetened with dried cocoa pulp. Koa uses the cocoa pod’s pulp, thus reducing food waste and providing cocoa smallholders with an additional income.

Hailed as a necessary step for sustainable and responsible chocolate, this innovative ingredient is the cornerstone of the new Excellence Cocoa Pure bar. According to Lindt & Sprüngli, it is the first time a chocolate bar has been sweetened with dried cocoa pulp, which comes from small-scale farmers.

Until now, the pulp that surrounds the cocoa beans could not be processed in cocoa-growing countries due to a lack of infrastructure and technology. In conventional cocoa processing, only a small part of the white pulp was used for fermentation. Koa has found an innovative way to gently process the cocoa fruit in close cooperation with 1,600 smallholders.

The tropical-fruity powder opens up new opportunities for chocolate and bakery products – whether it is to replace conventional, refined sugar, create new flavour experiences or demonstrate sustainable value creation in the cocoa-growing countries really means. The first application from Lindt & Sprüngli’s new Excellence bar is 82 % cocoa beans and 18 % Koa Powder.