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  08/12/2022 | Industry, Ingredients, International

Barry Callebaut invests USD 100 m in Canadian factory

Barry Callebaut announced the next phase of the expansion of its Chatham factory in Ontario/Canada. The multi-year expansion started in 2018, with an initial investment of USD 30 m for additional liquid storage capacity in Chatham to expand the variety of products available to customers. An additional USD 70 m will have been invested in Chatham’s product portfolio and enhanced manufacturing capabilities through the end of the 2022/2023 fiscal year, ending 31 August 2023.

The investments shall enable Barry Callebaut to continue to drive long-term growth in the growing compound market in North America. In comparison to traditional chocolate, compound is made with cocoa powder and vegetable fats instead of cocoa liquor and cocoa butter. Depending on the application, compounds can have higher heat resistance and workability.

Production at the plant currently includes a broad range of products, from liquid milk and dark compound to moulded products. The investment includes both liquid and moulding lines, as well as enhanced capabilities for the production of dairy-free compound to accommodate growing customer demand for plant-based indulgence. White compound production will be added in 2023. The expansion of the Chatham factory has fueled economic growth in the area. Barry Callebaut has created almost 100 direct jobs and 25 indirect hires.

Steve Woolley, President & CEO Americas, Barry Callebaut, says: “Investing in our compound production, together with the new specialty chocolate factory in Brantford, allow us to lean into the wide-variety of specialized experience in the region, and to establish a strategic foothold in our network as we accelerate our growth journey.”

In April 2022, Barry Callebaut announced an investment of USD 104 m in a new specialty chocolate factory in Brantford/Canada. This factory will focus on sugar-free chocolate, high protein, and other specialty products to meet increasing customer demand.