20/06/2018 | Ingredients

Ivory Coast and Ghana to work together on cocoa sales and marketing

Ivory Coast and Ghana, which supply about 60 % of the world’s cocoa, plan to co-ordinate cocoa sales to try to exert more influence on the market.

19/06/2018 | Ingredients

Cargill invests in Mouscron facility in Belgium

With the rapid rise in consumer demand for premium, high quality Belgian chocolate, Cargill has invested in a new liquid chocolate production line in its Mouscron production facility in Belgium.

19/06/2018 | Ingredients, Trends

Herza: new range of high-protein chocolate and compound pieces

Today’s retail trade is unthinkable without protein-enriched products. Often the focus is on dairy products, but high-protein cereals are gaining significance too.

18/06/2018 | Packaging

Treofan: owner M&C completes sale of Americas business

Italian investor M&C, owner of Treofan Holdings GmbH, has successfully completed the sale of Treofan Group’s Americas business to Canadian label manufacturer CCL Industries.

15/06/2018 | Ingredients

Consumers prefer taste and sweetness of sugar-reduced cookies

Suger-reduced cookies containing Taura’s JusFruit pieces are perceived to be just as sweet as full-sugar alternatives, research has found.

14/06/2018 | Ingredients

Stern-Wywiol Gruppe achieves record sales

Hamburg-based food and feed ingredients supplier, Stern-Wywiol-Gruppe, increased its sales by EUR 56 m to EUR 520 m in 2017.

01/05/2018 | Packaging

GEA: new machines offer record breaking speed

The machines presented by GEA at ProSweets trade fair were characterized by high production speeds. The Aquarius FlexFormer Extra High ...

01/05/2018 | Packaging

Treofan launches new IML label film

EWR50, the new version of the IML label film EWR from BOPP specialist Treofan, is now even thinner than the ...

01/05/2018 | Packaging

Zanders: packaging for high quality confectionery

Zanders has further expanded its Zanpack portfolio: high basis weights of 450 g/m2 in Zanpack silk (one-side, double-coated) and Zanpack ...

01/05/2018 | Packaging

New loading system allows for dust-free bag feeding

In the field of bag emptying, the food industry faces various challenges that cannot always be adequately mastered in practice. Thanks to a new bag loading station of Motec, the contamination of workplaces and the slow flow of material during the bag loading of lumpy and cloggy bulk materials in particular are now obsolete.

01/05/2018 | ZDS

New at the ZDS: training as a chocolatier

Artful creations, extraordinary combinations of flavours – the product spectrum of the best chocolatiers in the world ranges from hot ...

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