25/04/2018 | International

Buderim Group Limited Acquires Royal Hawaiian Orchards and MacFarms

Buderim Group Ltd has completed the acquisition of Royal Hawaiian Orchards™, the macadamia nut brand by Royal Hawaiian Macadamia Nut, Inc. (RHO, LP), and merged it with retail macadamia nut brand, MacFarms.

16/04/2018 | Ingredients

PureCircle notes rise in stevia-enabled product launches

The Malaysian company PureCircle has reported that the use of stevia leaf sweetener in food products and beverages continues to expand.

13/04/2018 | Packaging, Particulars

Sonoco: Robert C. Tiede new President and CEO

Sonoco, one of the largest diversified global packaging companies, announced the start of Robert C. Tiede’s tenure as the new President and CEO of Sonoco.

11/04/2018 | Industry, International

Barry Callebaut: Claudia Pedretti-Lenz to succeed Evelyn Nassar as Head of Investor Relations

Claudia Pedretti-Lenz will join Barry Callebaut as Head Investor Relations effective July 1, 2018, coming from J. Stern & Co (Switzerland) AG where she led the opening of their new branch in Zurich.

11/04/2018 | Industry, International

Barry Callebaut: strong performance in the first six months

In the first six months of fiscal year 2017/18 (ended February 28, 2018), the Barry Callebaut Group grew its sales volume by 8.0% to 1.023 m tonnes.

10/04/2018 | Industry

Nestlé launches the innovative KitKat Ruby in Europe

Nestlé today unveiled KitKat Ruby to chocolate lovers in Europe and Germany after its successful debut in Japan and Korea in January this year. KitKat Ruby offers consumers a new way of savouring chocolate.

01/03/2018 | Messe

WDS: machine concept for more efficient production

This year’s focus of the trade fair appearance of Winkler und Dünnebier Süßwarenmaschinen GmbH (WDS) was the latest generatio...

01/03/2018 | Messe

tna makes starch mogul more reliable

tna has upgraded its flagship NID M3000 mogul (image) to improve operational efficiencies and ensure the equipment adheres to the ...

01/03/2018 | Messe

Bosch: complete on-site testing capabilities

GML03 lab, developed by Bosch, enables jelly testing in smaller volumes, perfect for experimental or seasonal product sampling. It allows ...

01/03/2018 | Messe

Barry Callebaut: sensory language for chocolate

Barry Callebaut has introduced a sensory language and a tasting ritual that will help chocolate professionals and consumers to understand ...

01/03/2018 | ZDS

E-commerce, 3D printing and digitalization in the confectionery industry

Something is happening in the confectionery industry: digitalization is advancing with great strides. With a whole series of events, ZDS ...

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