14/12/2017 | Industry, International

Barry Callebaut: All motions approved by shareholders

The ordinary Annual General Meeting 2017 of Barry Callebaut AG was held in Zurich-Oerlikon under the chairmanship of Patrick De Maeseneire, Chairman of the Board, and Jakob Baer, Vice-Chairman of the Board.

13/12/2017 | Ingredients, Trade Fair, Trends

Vitafoods Europe to tackle the personalized nutrition challenge

How can personalized nutrition break out of its niche and achieve mass market appeal? This will be one of the major questions tackled at Vitafoods Europe 2018.

12/12/2017 | Industry, Industry, Ingredients

GEA successfully finalized world’s largest fermentation plant for cultures

A successful collaboration between GEA and long-term customer Chr. Hansen was completed recently with the inauguration of the world’s largest fermentation plant for bacterial cultures at the customer’s site in Copenhagen/Denmark.

08/12/2017 | Industry, International

Barry Callebaut is on track towards 100% sustainable chocolate by 2025

Barry Callebaut published the first “Forever Chocolate” progress report. It details both the progress as well as the learnings of the journey kicked off a year ago when Barry Callebaut launched its new sustainability strategy with the ambition of moving sustainable chocolate from niche to norm by 2025.

08/12/2017 | Packaging, Association

New handling recommendations for industrial paper sacks

When filling, storing or distributing industrial paper sacks, poor handling practices can increase the risk of damage to paper sack materials or filled paper sacks.

07/12/2017 | Industry, Industry, Ingredients

New facility for Lampados’ 3D sweetener

Lampados International, Ltd. is completing a new plant expansion for the production of Liteez, a vegan, egg-free 3D meringue kiss sweetener for hot drinks.

01/09/2017 | ZDS

Significant expansion of the ZDS machine park

Whether it is the production or the professional packaging of the finished confectionery – without a modern machine equipment, these ...

01/09/2017 | Packaging

Cake glaze in new packaging design

The Pickerd company has been producing its famous cake glaze in the little Bundt cake package for over six decades. With the assistance of a packaging system from Selo, Pickerd offers the glaze now also in a pre-assembled stand-up pouch.

01/09/2017 | Packaging

Convincing arguments for paper sacks for food

Numerous requirements in terms of hygiene, handling and storage practices have to be taken into account when packaging food products. The European paper sack and sack kraft paper industry has contributed many developments that make paper sacks a perfect packaging for food.

01/09/2017 | IT/Logistik

Complete systems equipment from single source

Wellmann Engineering, a specialist for systems and process technology, delivered the equipment and processing technology to receive chocolate deliveries via road tanker at marzipan manufacturer Niederegger, based in Lübeck/Germany.

01/09/2017 | IT/Logistik

Pick by vision saves time in food logistics

By using smart glasses from Picavi, Belgian contract logistics provider Weerts achieves flowing processes and significant time savings in order picking.

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