04/05/2017 | Messe
J. Schmalz GmbH, INFICON GmbH , Allen Coding GmbH , Harter GmbH

interpack 2017 - Summaries 2


Allen Coding - Harter - Inficon - J. Schmalz

Allen Coding: durable large character inkjet printer

The company Allen ­Coding will present at interpack its large print inkjet printer Diagraph IJ4000. Visitors can experience the new barcode printer for cardboard secondary packaging at the booth of Meurer Verpackungssysteme GmbH. The Diagraph IJ4000 series was developed specifically for large character coding of final packaging made of absorbent cardboard material. The innovative technology behind this high-resolution printer ensures the biggest printed image height of any similar printer on the market.
A printed image height of 100 mm not only does allow for larger printed images to be applied to secondary packaging, it also provides superior print consistency compared to competing systems. The Diagraph IJ4000 also allows for twice the printing distance from the cardboard box as compared to conventional inkjet printers. This greatly reduces the risk of clogging the high-power print heads. •

interpack, Hall 15, Stand A 21



Harter shows the art of drying

Fast, gentle and reliable drying – Airgenex condensation drying systems and its variants Airgenexmed and Airgenexfood presented by Harter are capable of drying in a gentle and stress-free manner products made from plastic, glass or metal, metal bands, plastic foils and thin superficial liquid films as well as organic products such as wood, food and feed at temperatures of 20 to 90 °C. The use of extremely dry air combined with customized forced air routing enables very short drying times and excellent drying results to be achieved. The integrated heat pump technology provides maximized efficiency of the drying process. Drying is always accomplished in a closed system and is, thus, fully independent of the climate. This ensures high process reliability. Airgenex air dehumidification using a heat pump is suitable for both batch and continuous operations. Dryers may have an additional cooling provision integrated if desired or required by the process. Harter has a pilot plant station available for the drying tests offered. •

interpack, Hall 14, Stand A 32



Inficon: new leak detector for food packaging

At interpack, Inficon presents for the first time its new leak detector Contura S400. This system offers manufacturers of food packaging machines and the food industry, in general, a unique solution for detecting leaks in MAP (modified atmosphere packaging) and other flexible packages. Whether it is a gross leak or a fine leak which it is undetectable by the naked eye or by the water bath method, the unique technology of Contura S400 can detect any of them without tracer gas and without damage to the package.
The principle of operation is simple and accurate. The foil chamber consists of two highly elastic membranes. By creating a vacuum, these membranes tightly enclose the tested package. The device analyzes the pressure increase in a few seconds. Contura S400 can then detect even extremely small leaks rapidly and reliably. The Contura S400 leak detector reliably prevents this. Visitors of interpack can assure themselves of the simple use of the new system at the Inficon booth. •

interpack, Hall 8b, Stand G 20



J. Schmalz: vacuum components for efficient packaging processes

The company J. Schmalz shows its wide range of vacuum solutions at interpack. This includes vacuum technology for automation, vacuum lifters and crane systems for manual processes. The Bellows Suction Cups SPOB1f is a pad with 1.5 folds for reliable handling of small, film packaging products such as candy bars, popsicles or bulk materials.
In addition, the product spectrum include the new materials Silicone SI-MD silicone and SI-HD (heavy-duty silicone), developed specially for the food and beverage industry. They are extremely wear resistant and can be used when particularly high durability is required. Both materials are FDA compliant. The layer gripping system SPZ-M can reliably grip layers of cans and glass of different sizes and shapes without damaging them. Users thus achieve high throughput and save time because the system does not need to be retooled when products are changed.•

interpack, Hall 13, Stand A 40