01/07/2017 | Ingredients
Limbua Deutschland GmbH

Limbua offers macadamia nuts in organic quality


Early on, Matti Spiecker wrestled with the question of how one can best support individuals and the economy sustainably in developing countries over the long run. As an economics student, he and two colleagues endeavoured on a world journey in 2006 in order to document successful projects by socially-oriented companies in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Spiecker, however, wanted to do more about the situation than a theoretical approach and outside commentary. So he developed a plan to actively engage himself. In 2009 they began with the formal creation of a special value-added chain between Africa and Europe, which ultimately resulted in the founding of Limbua Group Ltd. and its subsidiary, Limbua Deutschland GmbH. It deals with cultivation, processing and marketing of organic macadamia nuts around Mount Kenya. Together with Anthony Ngondi Kabui, Philip Dean Kruk-De la Cruz and Peter Muchau Wangara, Spiecker comprises the team of directors for Limbua Group and is also the director of the German company. The company structure guarantees sustainability, premium nut processing, and fair living conditions for more than 5,000 small farmers in Kenya.
From the most humble beginnings, Limbua has gone from being a pioneer to one of the leading organic macadamia producers worldwide. It started with a few small farmers, and the company today is an innovative connection between more than 5,000 small farmers in Africa and quality customers around the world. “This concept guarantees a win-win situation for both sides,” explains Spiecker. “On the one hand, we offer customers in Germany and Europe the very best quality and good conditions; on the other hand, farmers in Africa receive secure profit opportunities.“
The organisation is certified by Bio, HACCP and Fair for Life, and is the first macadamia nut processor in Kenya to successfully pass IFS Food Version 6. The enterprise uses BIOFANS, an innovative software developed in-house that ensures efficient, almost 100 % traceability from producers to logistics with raw materials purchasing and storage of the finished products.
With moisture, heat, and cool nights, the climate around Mount Kenya offers ideal conditions for growing maca­damia trees. Simultaneously, Limbua takes care of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and places great value on broad biodiversity with many other wild and useful plants. The organisation supports not only the farmers with a tree school and agricultural expertise, it also operates three decentralised production facilities to process the raw materials in the villages. This innovative concept of creating value in the producer country creates jobs and ­additional income for the families. Here, the nuts are cracked and then vacuum-packed as whole nuts or halves in various styles and as chips.

Sales of organic macadamia nuts throughout Europe

“The high level of technology employed enables and supports small farmers, allowing for effective product processing. Our customers also benefit from it, because we can offer them a good value,” emphasises Spiecker, adding, “Due to our exclusive focus on organic cultivation, we not only support nature in the agricultural countries, but also the health of small farmers and consumers.” Based in Germany, an experienced team led by Klaus-Werner Horlitz is responsible for sales. Most recently Limbua found great response at the BioFach event in Nuremberg. “Many visitors were impressed by the concept, and we made many new contacts,” reported Horlitz. Distribution is now planned to expand beyond Germany to neighbouring markets and EU countries.•