01/09/2017 | IT/Logistik
J.G. Niederegger GmbH & Co. KG, Apparate- & Behältertechnik Heldrungen GmbH, Wellmann Anlagentechnik GmbH

Complete systems equipment from single source


Wellmann Engineering, a specialist for systems and process technology, delivered the equipment and processing technology to receive chocolate deliveries via road tanker at marzipan manufacturer Niederegger, based in Lübeck/Germany.

By Dr Jörg Häseler

The company is implementing engineering, installation and automation according to customer specifications in two construction phases. “A particular challenge in chocolate processing is meeting the high hygiene standards,” emphasizes Gerhard Wellmann, Managing Partner of Wellmann Anlagentechnik GmbH in Halle/Germany. “Thanks to our experience, we were able to ­provide the customer with ideal ­solutions.” In the chocolate-processing industry, this also includes the ­pigging technology in the form of an elastomer-comprised cylinder, which pushes the chocolate out of the pipes with regulated air pressure.
The first construction phase at Niederegger has already been completed. It includes a receiving station for milk- and dark chocolates to fill existing production tank facilities, and each has a feed pipe for the respective chocolate. This construction phase ­allowed the buildout of production expansion, meeting the needs of the marzipan and praline manufacturer.
The individual components are specialized to fulfill their requirements. For example, Wellmann Engineering ­installed a trace heating system to ­control the temperatures of the tanks and pipes. In order to increase energy efficiency, the pipes were insulated with mineral fibre and clad with stainless steel plates. A demineralisation unit with Aquadem cartridges was added to feed softened water for the double jackets on the tanks and pipes, which will prevent material ­corrosion. Ion-exchange resins were used for this purpose. “Thanks to the package of engineering, control systems, automation and documentation, the customer ­receives everything for the installed equipment from one single source,” remarks Gerhard Wellmann.
Niederegger produces several tonnes of confectionery daily, including marzipan and fine pralines – with a growth trend. In a second construction phase, systems and process provider Wellmann Engineering will deliver additional components for a new external storage tank for two chocolate types. The main components are two double-chamber tanks from the Apparate- & Behältertechnik Heldrungen GmbH company, which has worked together with the Westphalian company for decades. Complete controls and documen­tation are provided here as well.
Wellmann will be placing receiving pipes for milk and dark chocolates to fill the tanks. To this end, the chocolate receiving stations installed during the first construction phase will be moved to their final location. A 36 m long feed pipe for milk- and dark chocolate, respectively, will be laid from the external storage tanks to the ­previously-installed pipes in the ­receiving sector. The heated pipes will also be insulated in this construction phase as well.     •


Profile: Wellmann Engineering

The success story of Wellmann Engineering, located in Halle/Germany, began in 1991 in the dairy branch. Today, the internationally-active specialist for systems and processing technology solutions as well as technical and consulting services has expanded beyond the dairy industry to encompass all foods and comestibles, including confec­tionery and baked goods. The owner-oper­ated company employs around 125 people.


http://www.wellmann-engineering.eu http://www.behaeltertec.de http://www.niederegger.de