01/05/2018 | Technology, Messe
Anuga FoodTec, Albert Handtmann Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG

Anuga FoodTec: Handtmann - how to portion dough very quickly


System solutions for dividing, forming and depositing of dough were an important topic at Handtmann’s booth. Process and quality advantages as well as a wide range of products like bread, baked goods, small baked goods, snacks, trend products etc. are profitable features of these systems. A good example of an in-vogue trend product is the pita-shaped naan bread which can be produced in top quality with the SE 442 cutting unit.
In combination with a VF 600 B dough divider, the SE 442 divides doughs of different kinds. It is equipped with a pneumatically operated blade and can divide as many as 200 portions a minute, depending on the scaling weight, dough consistency and the dough divider used. Thanks to the modular design, all components can be ­removed and refitted very quickly for cleaning purposes. This is a major advantage in the processing of gluten-free doughs. Other products that can be produced using an SE 442 are yeast plaits and toast etc. •