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  08/04/2021 | Industry, Ingredients, Technology, ZDS

ZDS “Whistleblower – Choco Tec” web seminar on chocolate

Choco Tec is one of the most successful congresses and most important meeting places for the chocolate industry. As a special alternative to this year’s Choco Tec, the ZDS – Zentralfachschule der Deutschen Süßwarenwirtschaft e. V., Solingen/Germany, offers the digital web seminar series “Whistleblower – Choco Tec”.

The lectures of the web seminar series are divided into five thematic blocks. This allows the participants to flexibly choose which series is of particular interest to them and to follow it conveniently from their workplace or home office. After the presentations, the experts will be available for questions and discussions in the usual manner.

The third block of the series, the web seminar “Chocolate-up-to-date”, will take place on 14 April 2021. At this event, everything is about analytics, technology and processing of chocolate. The web seminar will be translated simultaneously. Further thematic blocks are planned for 9 June 2021 (“Choco Tec – here and now”) and 9 September 2021 (“Sustainability”).