03/05/2017 | Messe
GEA Food Solutions BV

GEA packaging equipment turns ideas into realities


The theme for the GEA Group‘s booth at interpack is: “Packed with inspiration”. The company will present systems for packaging of food, confectionery, baked goods, and other products.

GEA has designed its processing solutions to match the trends of the times – for a highly regulated industrial sector, for highly sensitive package contents, and for highly critical consumers. These solutions support manufacturers in realizing ever more reliable, flexible, efficient, and imaginative packaging.
New developments will include an entry-level thermoformer model and an ultra-hygienic vertical bagger system, as well as a coating and wrapping line designed to revive the lollipop market. One highlight at the fair will be a new non-destructive quality control system for modified-atmosphere packaging (MAP) – the company’s response to the questions as to how to prevent food waste.
GEA has now equipped its Aquarius BunchWrapper wrapping machine with labelers for inserting labels inside the wrapper film or directly on the stick. This enables manufacturers to set off their products from their competition by adding information such as barcodes or promotional information such as logos and campaigns. Powder, syrup, or granule coatings provide additional taste, distinctive coloration, and special gloss.
GEA also recently launched its Aquarius CoatingLine: the world’s first fully automatic line that forms, cools, coats, and wraps lollipops. Visitors to the GEA stand can take along samples of the lollipops with sweet-sour coating and can draw inspiration for their future products.
Tailor-made service addressing the customers’ needs help to maintain and even improve the performance of packaging technology in the long run. With several options out of the new service concept “GEA Service – For your continued success” the company supports customers throughout the entire life cycle of their installed systems and components – from project engineering, installation, and commissioning to production. There will likewise be an information desk on the GEA booth at interpack, where customer service personnel will be available to provide more info on the recently introduced customer-care concept.

interpack, Hall 7a, Stand B 9