01/05/2018 | Messe, Technology
Anuga FoodTec, GEA Food Solutions BV

Anuga FoodTec: GEA introduces new control system for spiral freezers


GEA now offers its spiral freezer series S-Tec for the food industry (among other things for bakery products) with the special control technology Callifreeze. The new system ensures that all products are frozen precisely to the users’ requirements. The Callifreeze system takes its name from its ability to calibrate the freezer having controlled the level of frozenness of the products. This reduces power consumption, improves efficiency and helps manufacturers produce the finest quality frozen food.
The new control system for spiral freezers is able to ­calibrate the freezer parameters through the continuous measurement of the level of frozenness of the product at the freezer exit. GEA has enhanced its control system to continuously monitor the level of crystallized water in the products and adjust the retention time, air temperature and fan speed to achieve the precise level of freezing ­required with the minimum of energy consumption. •