01/05/2018 | Packaging
GEA Food Solutions BV

GEA: new machines offer record breaking speed


The machines presented by GEA at ProSweets trade fair were characterized by high production speeds. The Aquarius FlexFormer Extra High Capacity (XHC) is the fastest lollipop former in its class, while the SmartPacker TwinTube C (image) breaks records for confectionery bagging.
The latest version of the Aquarius FlexFormer lollipop forming machine is the Extra High Capacity (XHC) version. Still a flexible machine, it pro-duces ball lollipops with diameters from 20 to 35 mm. It can produce flavourful lollipops with fillings of gum, chewy candy powders or pastes. The speed is from 1,900 to 2,770 lollipops per minute, depending on the diameter of the lollipop.
By achieving up to 500 pillow bags per minute, the SmartPacker TwinTube C is the fastest machine of its type for confectionery. It handles products smoothly, so it is suitable for fragile products. The intelligent product-in-seal detection system that stops products from being stuck between the sealing jaws is a huge benefit with, for example,
gummy candy. Being able to produce smaller snacking packs at such a high speed, SmartPacker TwinTube C allows confectionery brands to respond quickly to the market trend that consumers are choosing increasingly smaller snack sizes to consume calories more consciously. •