01/09/2017 | Packaging
H. PICKERD GmbH & Co. KG, SELO Deutschland GmbH

Cake glaze in new packaging design


The Pickerd company has been producing its famous cake glaze in the little Bundt cake package for over six decades. With the assistance of a packaging system from Selo, Pickerd offers the glaze now also in a pre-assembled stand-up pouch.

The Burgwedel/Germany-based Pickerd GmbH & Co. KG was founded 1965 by Heinrich Pickerd. Today, the family-run company is market leader for cake glazes – with a market share of 50 %. In 2013, the management decided to develop a new format for younger target audiences to accompany the traditional glaze in the Bundt cake-shaped package. The main objective was to convey the most important benefits of the Bundt cake package over to the new format: microwave-safe, decorating nozzle, resealable – all criteria that conventional glaze pouches couldn’t offer up to now. Further, its shape should pick up on the classic Bundt cake, in order to ensure immediate recognition.
The number of products in stand-up pouches is increasing constantly. Users appreciate the simplicity and ease of use – it’s all about convenience. This format also offers benefits during transport, as the weight of this space-saving packaging is low. Because both, an appealing design and space on the shelf, plays an important role in retail, Pickerd chose this format to package their cake glazes.
The company decided on pre-assembled stand-up pouches with a corner sprout for the new package design. These provide significantly more value than the previous packaging when it comes to garnishing and decorating: the completely new designed stand-up pouch features an opening with integrated decorating nozzle. Thanks to the special nozzle, cakes and baked goods can be decorated with filigree finishes and writing. The pouch can be warmed either in the microwave or by soaking in hot water. If users don’t need all of the cake glaze at once, they can reseal the pouch and store it until the next use.
In addition to the wishes of the end consumers and industry, there were also technical requirements for the packaging machines. For Ralf Kreuzmüller, Director of Engineering and Production, it was important to be able to integrate a packaging system with the most modern technology possible and simple operation into the existing production process. Other aspects included reliable maintenance and flexible replacement part management.

Packaging system covers all requirements

Pickerd found a partner in Selo Deutsch-land, headquartered in Argenbühl/Germany, who could demonstrate the required experience in realising complex production and packaging processes. The new glaze pouches are filled and sealed with the Selopack BF1 packaging system. The monoblock system fills pre-assembled pouches with centre
or corner sprouts in sizes ranging from 100 to 5,000 ml. The pouches are fed automatically into the system. Thanks to a sufficiently-sized pouch carrier, the system is easy to be loaded. Subsequently, the pouches are coded, filled, fitted with a nozzle, and sealed in the monoblock in a fully-automated process. The finished pouches exit the system via conveyor belt outlet.
The Selopack BF1 can process both pre-assembled stand-up pouches as well as flat pouches with central or corner sprouts. It covers all the necessities with one innovative packaging system. Meanwhile, the glaze pouches from Pickerd have been introduced successfully to food retailers. •


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