01/03/2018 | ZDS
ZDS - Zentralfachschule der Deutschen Süßwarenwirtschaft e. V.

E-commerce, 3D printing and digitalization in the confectionery industry


Something is happening in the confectionery industry: digitalization is advancing with great strides. With a whole series of events, ZDS – Zentralfachschule der Deutschen Süßwarenwirtschaft e. V. is taking this trend into account.
With a seminar on E-commerce from 15 to 16 May 2018, the participants will get concise answers to specific questions such as: is e-commerce profitable for me, what conditions do I have to fulfill, what options are there? How do I find customers for my online shop, and which legal framework do I have to take into consideration in e-commerce? These or similar questions will be discussed by experts in the seminar.
Directly following the E-Commerce seminar, the congress “Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing for the Food Industry” takes place from 17 to 18 May 2018. Last year, the Innoforum Sweets & Snacks on the subject of 3D printing took place for the first time at ZDS with great success. This year’s main topics will be, amongst others: structural ingredients for the dimensional stability of 3D printed foods or 3D printed functional sweets. In the field of additive manufacturing, experts will present the latest form and design possibilities through additive manufacturing for spare parts and machine manufacturing.
This series concludes with the congress “Digitalization in Confectionery Production” from 9 to 10 October 2018. This congress is about maintaining competitiveness through digitalization. The focus here will be on teaching basic knowledge of digitalization and providing decision support for investments in the area of digital production technology for medium-sized confectionery manufacturers.    •