01/05/2018 | ZDS
ZDS - Zentralfachschule der Deutschen Süßwarenwirtschaft e. V.

New at the ZDS: training as a chocolatier


Artful creations, extraordinary combinations of flavours – the product spectrum of the best chocolatiers in the world ranges from hot chocolate made from premium cocoa and hand-made, individual chocolate bars to creative showpieces and praline compositions. The classic chocolatier is an artisanal profession that is almost entirely about chocolate.
In Germany, you can learn the ­profession of the chocolatier only by a “roundabout route”: either by an apprenticeship as a confectioner or master confectioner or as a food technologist or with studies (Bachelor of Science in food technology with a focus on confectionery and bakery). Thereafter, it is possible to continue further training as a chocolatier at a chocolate manufacturer or in a smaller company that produces and processes chocolate.
Starting from summer 2018, the ZDS – Zentralfachschule der deutschen Süßwarenwirtschaft e. V. will be offering training to become a chocolatier. This training is aimed at confectioners from the second year of apprenticeship for confectionery technologist, confectioners with ­completed vocational training as well as confectioners and professionals from comparable fields with several years of professional experience.
The course is divided into four modules in one year, including the final exam. The modules can also be booked individually to give participants greater flexibility. The focus of this training is on the practical part. The theoretical content, mainly accomplished in self-study, is accompanied by technical instructors in the module breaks and integrated into the practice. The practice units take place in the excellently equipped technical departments of the ZDS.
For further information about the Chocolatier training (registration, fees and accommodation) contact ZDS by email: seminar@zds-solingen.de or by phone: +49-0212-596135. ZDS graduates and current training companies interested in further education as a chocolatier will receive discounts on request.