01/09/2017 | ZDS
ZDS - Zentralfachschule der Deutschen Süßwarenwirtschaft e. V.

Significant expansion of the ZDS machine park


Whether it is the production or the professional packaging of the finished confectionery – without a modern machine equipment, these process steps in the practical part of education and training would be inconceivable. “The quality of training at the ZDS is particularly dependent on a state-of-the-art, modern technical equipment – and we are proud that in 2017, thanks to the great support of numerous confectionery manufacturers, institutions and machine manufacturers, we received new machines for our technical departments,” says Andreas Bertram, Managing Director of ZDS.
In the chocolate department, a ball mill of Caotech as well as a new star spinner of Hans Brunner found their new home. The packaging machine profile of the ZDS has been extensively expanded with the flowpack packaging machine from Hugo Beck Maschinenbau. In the future, not only chocolate and caramels can be packaged, but also gums and jellies, dragees and pastries.
Just in time for the Inter-Ice congress in July, the ZDS was able to present a completely new ice cream department to the conference partici­pants. The new machines were presented at the ice cream conference. In addition to freezers from Kälte-Rudi and Tetra Pak, a shockfreezer from Irinox, a jestream mixer from Ystral and a high-pressure homogenizer from GEA, the ZDS ice cream department has now appropriate cooling storage capacities, which were made available by Teledoor Melle Isoliertechnik.
“With the new ice cream department and our specialist teacher, Mr Frank Müller, we have significantly increased our competence in the field of confectionery applications with ice cream production,” says Andreas Bertram. “We are well-equipped with this machine park for the practical training and further education needs of the ice cream ­industry and thank all sponsors for the great support.”    •